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How we raise your Puppy

Here at Bestland’s Australian Labradoodles we  have 6 pillars of foundation:

  1.  We put focus in raising and purchasing the best breeding stock we can, having great overall conformation, demeanor, coat, color, size, health and genetic testing that meets a high standard and excellent motherly skills.
  2.  We put great focus into how we feed our dogs, we believe that breeding dogs who are producing puppies for families should be taken care of with excellence and wisdom.  We supplement our dogs with supplements such as multi-vitamins, breeding vitamins, coat and nail vitamins, fish oil, and treats.   We feed our dogs completely raw based meats, cottage cheese, table scraps, raw bones, and etc.  When it comes to feeding our puppies we allow them to nurse a minimum of four weeks, with supplementing them with canned meat and dry foods.  By the time our puppies are ready to leave to go home they are fully acclimated to dry food for convenience and ease for our customers.
  3. Our puppies are raised in a safe, warm, very clean, loving, padded, and nutritious environment. We do not allow our puppies to sleep, eat, play or walk in their own feces or urine to the best of our abilities.   We believe a clean hygienic raised puppy will grow up to display the  hygienic and clean traits resulting in well trained pups. We acclimate and train the puppy for traveling, sleeping or cage time before it goes home,  we feel it is important to start the puppy off as early as possible to be ready for your crate in your home.
  4. We have a strong socialization program where each puppy is played with, loved on and stimulated to be ready to be friendly and love-able to all. We work from home and our kids are home schooled so the amount of time and attention these puppies get is staggering. We have a few open houses before the puppy goes home that we conduct and during this time the puppies are stimulated with families and activities that they may not be exposed to during their stay at the home.
  5. All of our puppies are cared for and treated properly with love to be in the best shape and health during its time here at Bestland.  We make sure that each puppy is vaccinated, de-wormed, micro-chipped, groomed, nails trimmed and trained socially and crate wise before going home.