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Please use the contact form below or call us directly.

Bestland Australian Labradoodles
East of Atlanta, Georgia
Telephone: 770-709-8497
Email: Use the Contact form below please

Please give us your phone number in your inquiry so we may better serve you.

Thank you.


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Yes! You can come and visit the puppies in fact, we encourage you to do so. However we only allow visitations once the litter you are reserved on is born. We will set a schedule for you to visit during our open houses. We do not allow visitors while the puppies are just born. We like to wait a couple of weeks until they are more “firm” and not so vulnerable. We also have schedule “open houses” for our families to come and enjoy the puppies as they grow. we will let our families know of each open house.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”What are the different sizes of the Australian Labradoodles?”]

  • Standards 21”-24”
  • Mediums 17”-20”
  • Miniature 14”-16”

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”What kinds of coats do Australian labradoodles have?”]

They can have curly fleece coats, wavy fleece coats and wool coats. All the pups we produce have non-sheding wavy fleece coat. We specifically chose our studs to keep this trait because this is what we like. Other types or coats are nice too, but honestly is just a matter of taste.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Can you ship the puppy to us?”]

Yes, fortunately we live near Atlanta and its simple for us to ship the puppy to any major airport in the continental US. Shipping usually runs about $550, this includes the crate and health certificate. This shipping price is not included in the adoption of the puppy, but is a separate fee. Please contact us for further information.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Is there a difference in the temperament of a female vs a male puppy once spayed/neutered?”]

In reality, there is not a difference once they are spayed/neutered. Because this process is done so early in their lives they don’t usually develop their typically hormone-driven traits that most of us don’t like. Once they are “fix” both male and female make excellent companions!

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”What’s included in the adoption of our puppy?”]

In the $3,000.00 we included the following:

  • The puppy is required to be spay and neutered by 6 months of age.
  • Spay and Neutering is Included at approved vet.
  • Microchip with paid registry
  • registry with the ALCA
  • from 5th generation pedigreed parents
  • Current vaccinations and de-worming and VET check
  • 2 year genetic health guarantee
  • A lifetime of continued support
  • See How to ADOPT page for details

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Are all Labradoodles non-shedding?”]

Here is the trick, all labradoodles are NOT non-shedding however, most Australian Labradoodles are non-shedding. Unlike the goldendoodles and the plain labradoodles, Australian labradoodles have a pool of multiple generations on the non-shedding trait which makes their genes stable which is not the case with goldendoodles and Labradoodles. If you come across a breeder that says they can guarantee the non-shedding trait, this better be backed by several generations of pure-bred Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles! in a registered pedigree form.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”What colors do Australian labradoodles come in?”]

There are many colors, black, chocolate, cream, apricot, gold and silver. Some coats have highlights. The noses are rose and black.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”What should I feed my puppy?”]

I include in our Signature Bestland puppy Layette, 8 ounces of  Blue Buffalo 30 lbs  Life Protection puppy food to get you started. That’s what they puppies will be eating by the time they go home and in my opinion it is a great product to feed your companion. They make all natural dog food with not chicken or poultry bi-product meals (which is not the same as chicken food)

No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, no corn, wheat or soy which can cause allergies to some dogs. Its just an all around good food considering that your dog will be eating it day-in and day-out. We will give you all the info you need if you decide to keep this diet.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Is the Australian Labradoodle good for families with small children or children with special needs?”]

Yes, they are the best dogs! Actually we chose this breed because of how good they are with special needs individuals. Our oldest daughter has cerebral palsy and we looked for years before we found the best companion for her. This was the breed for us. We also have 2 small children and have never had a problem of aggression or hostility. While this dogs are very loyal, they are not possessive over the owner like other breeds are, in those cases you can’t even approach the pet’s owner without getting a nice hefty warning… the Australian labradoodles are super sweet, loyal, intelligent and so willing to please!

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Are they friendly with other dogs or pets?”]

In my experience, they are very friendly with other animals, dogs, cats, birds, you name it. Because they are not aggressive, they can leave in peace with other household pets.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Do they require a lot of training?”]

Because they are so smart they train easily. I am a firm believer that dog training is for the owner, more than for the dog. Truly, once you have the knowledge of how to approach or teach the dog how to do something you just need to practice. They respond very well with treats and that’s the reason why I include them on our Signature BestLand puppy Layette, along with the training book. I personally used this book and others from Patricia B. McConnel and they worked great for me.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Do they need a lot of exercise?”]

No they don’t. They do need to have some physical activity like going for a walk or running around the yard. They are not typically hyper dogs but then again, don’t leave them in their cage for long periods of time and then expect them not to have some stored energy.

[/cmsms_toggle][cmsms_toggle title=”Where are you located?”]

We live east of Atlanta. If you live in the states nearby we could meet you half way. Please call us for more information.


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