Australian Labradoodles (as opposed to all other dogs with doodle in their name) in our program have now reached their 7th to 10th generation of purebred breeding. Each generation achieved have gone through stringent requirements in order to qualify them for the usage of having the right to breed the next generation.  In our program we conduct the following health tests; hips, elbows, patellar, cardiac, eyes, total health genetic panels, and many many more that are done by pedigree history reputation, and onsite in person evaluations analyzing their over conformation, aesthetics, overall health function and temperament overall.  In addition we have worked very hard to achieve the best hair coat type that is non shedding which has  beauty and softness but most important very low maintenance characteristics.  The Australian Labradoodle is the complete best family dog for beauty, hygiene, maintenance, and health for each family to experience over the long life of this magnificent breed.