You have been doing your research, you know the differences between a Labradoodle, other doodle crosses, and an Australian Labradoodle. Now you are looking for the perfect breeder to get your puppy from. How can you spot a good breeder?

Looking for the perfect breeder can get overwhelming. Here are 5 points you should have in mind when it comes to choosing the appropriate Australian Labradoodle breeder. Or for any breeder for that matter!

I have come up with 5 points based on the things we do as a professional breeder, and what we offer our families. So, everything that you see here is recommended based on our experience.

In the end, it is my hope that you will see all that we have to offer your family, and why Bestland Australian Labradoodles is the perfect option to provide you with your next puppy.

Without further ado, here are 5 points you should have in mind when choosing a breeder.

ONE: Your breeder should offer a contract, and within this contract there is a provision for a health warranty. Here at Bestland, we offer a 2-year health and genetic warranty. You know with us you can take your puppy home and have peace of mind because we got you cover. If something were to happen to your puppy due to genetics within those 2 years, we would replace your puppy.

TWO: You should be able to talk to and visit your breeder. I can’t remember the amount of times I have been told by families that they had beed looking at another breeder but all their interactions were over the internet, the breeder wouldn’t take calls and they were ask to simply “fill out the application.” Here at Bestland, We welcome all calls, all questions, and we encourage you to come to our farm to one of our designated open houses to meet us, meet our dogs, and meet your puppy.

THREE: Your breeder doesn’t ask you to pay in full before you meet your puppy. Here at Bestland, we don’t ask you to pay in full for your puppy before you meet him/her. We only require a $500 deposit AFTER you have a phone consultation with us, you have received and review our contract, you are satisfied and are sure we are the right breeder for you. After you place your deposit, you are invited to a designated Open House where you get to meet your puppy BEFORE you pay us in full. If you are out of state, you will get lots of videos, and lots of pictures before you make a decision on your perfect puppy. If you meet your puppy and you don’t think this is the perfect puppy for you, we are able to move your deposit to another litter or we will refund your deposit.

FOUR: Your breeder must health test and DNA test their breeding dogs. No exceptions. I allude to this in point number 1 but id like to go into more detail here. It is not possible to have a valid health warranty if you have not done the due diligence in health and DNA testing the parent dogs. Here at Bestland, We have health and DNA tested our dogs for generation. At the time of this blog, we have been personally breeding the Australian Labradoodle for 14 years and we bought health and DNA tested breeding dogs when we first started. With all the science available to test the health and genetic markers of dogs, it is not responsible to breed any dog before it is tested. Over the years, we have encounter to many families that have been devastated by poor health outcomes and early death due to poor genetics. We take this very seriously at Bestland and we hope you make this a priority. This is why we only offer the healthiest and genetically sound puppies available.

FIVE: Your breeder should support you in other ways during the life of your puppy. Here at Bestland, we offer a lot of support and community when it comes to owning one of our dogs. We have a private Facebook group where you are admitted after you place your deposit. This is an active and lively group that will help you stay connected with other families that own our dogs. You are encourage to share your adventures with your dog, ask questions, get recommendations, as well as arrange play dates and get togethers. We offer an array of grooming videos so you can begin grooming and/or maintaining your dog at home, and save lots of money! We offer boarding. If you are going on vacation, you can count on us to care for your pup as if it were ours (pun intended). Again, we will not leave you hanging. Lastly, you can always call, text or email us about any question regarding your dog. We will always be here to support you and your dog.

As you can see, It really takes a great deal and effort to be a good breeder. Here at Bestland, we work very hard every day to be the Best of the Best (pun intended). We want you to have a great experience when it comes to owning one of our dogs from conception and throughout the life of your pup. We value highly health, relationships and community and we hope you do too.